About Xenergi

Xenergi Oilfield Services Limited is an integrated oil and gas services company that evolved out of a strategic divestment and integration of complementary product lines of established service companies.

The management team and technical personnel include engineering professionals and consultants with local and international training and experience in oilfield engineering, application and design.

Xenergi maintains a high technology profile because the company belongs to a network of independent technology providers. This unique relationship guarantees access to the latest technological developments in production testing, gas processing and commercialization projects, early production facilities and related engineering services.

Our values define our corporate character forming an indelible map, which also serve as mirrors to our "souls", tugging on our collective conscience during times of triumph and challenges.

Our Corporate existence is based on 7 core Values:

  • Accountability
    We are accountable to our associates, clients, suppliers and community
  • Focus
    We focus on what we do and do it well
  • Innovation
    We continuously innovate to deliver solutions that help our customers produce or utilize energy more effectively
  • Integrity
    We operate ethically in dealing with our Associates, Partners, Clients, Suppliers and Community
  • Team Work
    We are passionate about our work and put the team ahead of individual
  • Value Driven
    We strive to deliver outstanding value for our associates, partners and customers
  • Faith
    We have faith in Divine favor and grace towards us as individuals and collectively as a company

The massive sustained investment required to install elaborate gas gathering and processing infrastructure created the demand for developing and deploying appropriate short term solutions to harness clean energy from associated gas produced from remotely located and smaller oil fields which historically have been flared.

Xenergi’s novel modular integrated energy conversion technology embraces the concept of "taking the plant to the gas" rather than the traditional approach of "piping the gas to the plant" – a paradigm shift which reduces infrastructure investment challenges, cuts down the time required to monetize gas while producing complementing electric power and gas utilization.

We creatively imagine innovative solutions and explore possibilities of achieving cleaner energy.

Our technical team consists of engineering professionals with local and international experience in field operations, design and installing of early production facilities, reservoir and geophysical engineering, project operations, Quality Health, Safety and Environment, Project Management, networking and enterprise management systems.

Our support team includes management experts with specialty in Knowledge Management, Human Resources, Facilities Management, Industrial, Community and Public Relations, Logistics and Information systems, Innovation and Change Management.

Who We Hire
We hire leaders. Highly creative, and skillful, non-conventional, and very smart – that’s who we hire. Our success depends on the composition, diversity and quality of our people. We place a high value on our associates and through training and re-training we enjoy the benefits of a techno-centric, learning and knowledge-based organization with innovation at it’s core.

We constantly appraise and encourage team performance. We balance our work and life balance by paying utmost attention to Total Rewards, Rest and Recreation. We create the time to rethink, contemplate, and appraise our performance on an individual and team basis regularly to improve the quality of our solutions as well as to reward excellent performance.

We invest and believe in people where ever we operate and place a big emphasis on collaborating together as members of one team. Leadership is cultivated in everyone – we view our associates as leaders in their own right and strive to create an enabling environment for their success.

Xenergi supports and works closely with the MIND foundation (www.mindafrica.org), in giving back to enrich and transform all the communities where we operate.

MIND foundation is committed to bridging the literacy and digital divide among children in rural and educationally disadvantaged communities in Africa by using ICT to foster lifelong learning and hands-on education. Their work involves integrating digital learning, hands-on skills training, community development projects and leadership values with engaging experiential learning activities that extend beyond a formal school curriculum.

Xenergi associates are encouraged to serve as volunteers on MIND programs to rural schools.

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