Modular Gas Conversion Solutions

Xenergi with her technology partners design, build and operate modular integrated clean energy gas plant facilities designed for onshore and offshore stranded gas fields with gas volumes ranging from less than 5 MMCF/day up to 50 MMCF/day.

These plants, based on scalable proprietary syn-gas and Cryogenic process technology, totally consume the natural gas supplied, delivering Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) condensate, Propane, High Octane Fuel Additives (HOFA) as well as Excess Electrical power that can be transferred to the national grid where viable or used to power the plant utilities and neighboring communities.

Unlike other gas processing solutions, we minimize infrastructure requirements and "time-to-market" by rapidly deploying these modular plants in producing fields. These plants generate multiple gas conversion streams which provide significant value from a wasting resource.

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